KASY Board

Here's the team that makes everything KASY happen. 


Daniel Kyungjae Lee | Co-President

Daniel is a sophomore Art major from Seoul, South Korea, with a concentration in graphic design. Daniel is an ENFP, Aquarius, blood type A, and an aspiring retiree. Daniel likes happy people, happy-sad songs, and sad movies. Daniel wishes Korean culture to be more widely studied, explores, and celebrated. Daniel loves Korea. Daniel loves you.


Hannah Lee | Co-President

The most important thing about Hannah is that she loves eating 설빙 at any time of the year. She also loves dogs and puppies and usually sheds a happy tear every time she passes by one and gets weird looks from the owners. She is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles and always stresses that it's "Stiles and Morse," not "Morse and Stiles." She works hand-in-hand with Daniel as co-president.


Jason Kim | Secretary

Jason is a first-year in Silliman College and he's the one who sends the emails. When he's not writing the newsletter, he likes to sing for the Alley Cats, play cello in DPops and fall asleep in all his classes. Oh, and he’s from England which is kind of cool. I guess.


Jennifer Yoon | Treasurer 

Jenn is a first-year in Silliman majoring in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology. She's also pre-med. If she's not working on p-sets or lab reports, Jenn's usually playing the piano, hanging out with friends, or watching movies. She's also involved in There's Hope in North Korea, United Church of Westville, Global Medical Missions of America, and the Yale Undergraduate Science Journal Association. Although from Argentina, Jenn loves everything about Korean culture--mostly the food. :)


Caleb Kim  | Cultural Chair

Caleb is a first-year in Berkeley College. He often eats three meals a day: one at 2 PM, one at 6 PM, and one at 12 AM. Outside of KASY, Caleb is also the president of Hangarak, Yale's first Korean a capella group, so in his free time, he can usually be seen scream-singing the latest K-Pop songs. You can usually find him in his standard state of procrastinating on doing his problem set by playing League of Legends.


Matthew Sáenz | Community Chair

Matthew is a freshman in Davenport College. He enjoys sports, Spotify, and school (not necessarily in that order). He is an INFP, a Ravenclaw, and 1/2 Korean. He's the Community Chair for KASY, coordinating Adopted Friends.


Jiyoung Kang | Social Chair

Jiyoung is a first year in Benjamin Franklin college. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life but she's not premed. Outside of KASY she is involved with Yale Tour Guides, Yale Scientific Magazine and United Church at Westville. She is currently high-key obsessed with this super cool professor who shall not be named on this public internet space, but if you ask her about it and listen to her rave for hours she will love you forever. Or you can also come to KASY events where she gives out free food and she will also love you forever.


Hyun Jo Kim | Political Chair

Joe's a sophomore in Franklin majoring in Chemistry and EPE (and is planning to drop one). He likes nerdy chem things, TWICE <3, and Korean politics. He's also a journalist(ish) so he might try to interview you on cross campus. Don't ignore him. Don't be like Elli. He also probably ran for most number of positions in KASY history, with a stunning 40% win record. Ask him for any advice on getting comfortable on the ambulance ride to Yale New Haven Hospital.



Brian Rhee | Media Chair

Brian is a sophomore in Pierson College majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He likes taking pictures, which is probably why he's the Media Chair of KASY. He's also used to being roasted and forgotten. No one really remembers the Media Chair because he's always the one taking the photos, not posing for them. ):