KASY Board

Here's the team that makes everything KASY happen. 

Elli Park.jpg

Elli Park | Co-President

Elli is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College majoring in East Asian Studies. Her least favorite words are "ontology," "heterologous," and "Avalokiteshvara." Outside of school, she is involved with the Yale Gospel Choir, Davenport Pops Orchestra, Hanppuri, and United Church of Westville. In her free time, Elli likes to watch sad Korean movies and make sadgirl playlists on Spotify. Hit her up for late night tears and ice cream. She's the Co-President for KASY. 


Brian Kim | Co-President

What a hunk. Brian is a sophomore in Saybrook and is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He likes to swim and play tennis in his free time, mainly just to flex his muscles. He works together with Elli to make great things happen. What a cool dude... Watch out you 여자s.


Hanah Lee | Secretary 

Hanah is part of the Silliman class of 2020 and has no idea what she wants to do yet but is prospectively an Economics or Global Affairs major. She sends out the emails and gets warm fuzzies when you guys read her newsletters. Besides KASY, you can catch her doing things for YIRA, AASA, and Rotaract. Hanah really likes to sleep in her free time and watch rom-coms. Her secret talent is that she can balance a water bottle on her head.


Aiden Ahn | Treasurer 

Aiden is a freshman in Silliman College. He loves watching obscure Korean movies and relating heavily to them. He's also on the varsity fencing team. So, he's a kind of active. Barely.


Daniel Kyungjae Lee  | Cultural Chair

Daniel is a freshman looking to major in either Art or Film and Media Studies. Daniel is also an aquarius, an ENFP, and an aspiring retiree. Daniel likes sad songs, sad movies, and happy people. Daniel wishes Korean culture was more widely studied, explored, and celebrated. Daniel loves Korea. Daniel loves you.


Hannah Lee | Community Chair

The most important thing about Hannah Lee is that she loves eating 설빙 at any time of the year. She also loves dogs and puppies and usually sheds a happy tear every time she passes by one and gets weird looks from the owners. She is a freshman in Ezra Stiles and always stresses that it's "Stiles and Morse," not "Morse and Stiles." She is the community chair for KASY, mostly focused on running Adopted Friends; this is probably a good position for her because she gets along with the children better than those her own age.


Hyun Jo Kim | Social Chair

Joe's a Freshman in Trumbull who has no idea what to major in. He's scared of blood and doesn't want to be a poli-sci major so he'll probably end up in econ. He likes feeling social and eating food, so if you're one of the I-have-nothing-to-do-so-I'll-read-KASY-Board-bios people and aren't too lazy to come to KASY events, you'll see Joe giving out free food and trying to be less awkward. If you're a non-board member actually reading this blurb next to a horrible PLEASE come out to events (cause Joe's desperate). But don't cancel on him cause he will hate you forever.


Paul Kyumin Lee | Political Chair

Paul is a super junior in Saybrook College after taking a gap year last year to study in mainland China and Taiwan. He was born in Seoul but grew up in the NJ-NY-CT tri-state area. He is majoring in Political Science and East Asian Studies, focusing on Korean unification, Korean diaspora, and ethnic nationalism. He plays cello in the Yale Symphony Orchestra, enjoys long distance running, and learning new languages. 



Brian Rhee | Media Chair

Brian is a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering in Pierson College. He likes taking pictures, which is probably why he's the Media Chair of KASY. He's also used to being roasted and being last because no one really remembers about the Media Chair because he's always the one taking the photo, not in it ):